Moscow, Russia
January 26 - 30, 2009

Preliminary Timetable

Preliminary Shedule

Organizing Committee:

Felix L. Chernousko (Chairman)
Arik A. Melikyan
Nikolay N. Bolotnik
Georgy V. Kostin
Vasily V. Saurin

Dear colleagues

The Conference on Control of Dynamical Systems will be held on January 26-30, 2009 in Moscow at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The conference is an embedded meeting of the Multiconference on Theory and Control Systems.

The scope of the Conference will cover a broad range of topics related to mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization of controlled dynamical systems and processes. Both theoretical and experimental aspects will be discussed. Applications may concern a wide range of mechanical and electrical engineering, robotics and mechatronics, chemical processes, biological and medical applications, etc.

The Conference intends to provide a forum for scientists and engineers to exchange ideas and achievements in the development of tools for control of complex dynamical systems. Topics such as control theory in dynamical systems, optimal control and game theory, control and estimating of systems with uncertainties, adaptive and robust control, mechatronics and robotics including micro- and nanosystems etc. will be emphasized.

All participants are welcome to present a communication in one of the Conference Sections. A book of abstracts will be published and distributed among the participants. One-page abstracts should be submitted via e-mail ( before September 10, 2008. The abstracts should be prepared in MS Word format using 12pt font with single line spacing. The abstracts should start with the title of the paper followed by the names of the authors, their affiliation and e-mail addresses. We kindly ask you to specify the necessary technical equipment: overhead projector, multimedia projector, computer, or other facilities.

Please, return the attached reply form to us as soon as possible but not later than September 10, 2008 by E-mail at We look forward to seeing you in Moscow.